Banded Lobster Claw Necklace

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Ellsworth Jewelers and SCC have teamed up to bring you the first ever Sea Crow Company necklaces. The popular Anchor Tail and Banded Lobster Claw designs are available in either silver or gold, sure to suit your style. 

The silver Banded Lobster Claw design is made of sterling silver and is adorned with 14 karat gold bands to catch your eye.  It is attached with an 18 inch cable chain with a lobster claw clasp to securely finish off the piece.  The 14k yellow gold design is adorned with 14 karat white gold bands to make the perfect golden statement.  Paired with an 18 inch adjustable cable chain and lobster claw clasp, this necklace is stunning.  


NOW AVAILABLE IN SOLID GOLD! Call 207-610-1735  Gold options are Available only at Ellsworth Jewelers, 126 Downeast Highway, Ellsworth.

*Ellsworth Jewelers handles all manufacturing of the SCC necklace line. For purchasing solid gold options and more information visit them in Store or online at  Ellsworth Jewelers