About Us




We are a small handbag company on the coast of Maine who is deeply inspired by the local Lobstering Industry. Established in 2014, we set out to create a stylish yet functional tote bag that highlighted lobstermens "float rope" a type of rope used for tethering buoys to traps.  In 2016 we came out with our first ever industry inspired print, a lobster boat. Today you will still find us using float rope and other commercial fishing elements on our products.  


Because we create all of our designs from image to color we decided to take it a bit further and have our custom designs digitally printed on US made, eco friendly fabric. Our fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles, plastic bottles that would otherwise be tossed in landfills or the ocean.  


We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about us! Want to visit our working studio? Contact us via our contact page! 



*all designs are authentic to Sea Crow Company